2023-2024 Principal’s Welcome

Dear Carver Family, 

As we close out what I hope was an amazing summer, I am excited to embark upon a year of B.O.L.D (Believing, Optimizing, Leading, and Delivering)! 

Together, we shall weave a B.O.L.D. tapestry of inspiration, commitment, and empowerment—a tapestry that celebrates the spirit of teaching, learning, and leading with boldness. 

Our classrooms will be more than spaces for instruction; they will serve as incubators for big dreams and bold ideas. We will empower our Carver scholars to become architects of their own success through innovative teaching methods and strategies. Understanding that in every classroom a leader resides—a trailblazer who dares to dream big and challenge ideas—we will encourage our scholars to embrace leadership with open arms, leading not only with words but also with actions. We will engage in local and global missions through our “Carver Cares” initiative, guiding students to leave their mark and legacy not only here but also abroad. By cultivating these leadership skills, we will prepare our scholars to tackle the global challenges of tomorrow with wisdom and courage. We invite you to join us in this endeavor! 

Empowerment will not be merely a word at Carver; it will be a mindset that we will collectively cultivate, reminding our scholars that they possess the power to boldly shape their destinies. They will need all of us, rallying alongside and reminding them to use their voice, heart, mind, and hands. 

Just as a symphony requires diverse instruments to create harmony, our work at Carver will flourish through collaboration and partnerships. Our dedicated parents, talented teacher leaders, and the community at large must join hands to create a nurturing environment that fosters growth. Let’s GROW: PTA Memberships, business partnerships, and fundraising efforts. If there is a school that can deliver on this, it is #CARVER. No doubt. 

As we prepare for opening day, let us remember that every challenge is an opportunity to learn, every setback a chance to grow, and every achievement a testament to the power of collective effort. The future awaits us, filled with endless potential. I join you in embracing the boldness within us, teaching with passion, leading with purpose, and nurturing a community that leverages its partnerships! 

Here’s to a B.O.L.D year! 

Patricia D. Fairclough, Ed. S
George Washington Carver Elementary